2016 Events

Whats happening for the whole week?

To learn about what's happening during the week-long celebrations, please watch the video clip and view the schedule flyer. 

Week long schedule in summary - Click here 

Auslan video clip about the week long celebrations - Click here

Monday 17 October 2016

  • Free Auslan posters - online launch! 
    Tuesday 18 October 2016

    • Professional Evening with Robert Farmer
    Wednesday 19 October 2016

    • Deaf Seniors & Deaf Youth events
      • Government House tour for Deaf Youth - Invitation Only
      • Parliament House tour for Deaf Seniors - Invitation Only

    Thursday 20 October 2016

    • Deafness Awareness Training
      Service Providers Invitation Only

    • Open Captioned Movie - Jack Reacher 2

    Friday 21 October 2016

    Saturday 22 October 2016

    • Convicts & Colonials - Perth City Walking Tour

    Sunday 23 October 2016

    • Swan Valley Bus Tour

    If you would like to know more information about any of the above events or to book your tour ticket, please contact us soon as possible. 
    Happy Deaf Festival! Spread the word, please! With Auslan, I AM EQUAL!